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What is Storyberries?
Storyberries is an exciting new publisher of quality free children’s stories. Since our launch we’ve rapidly found ourselves a beloved place in the hearts, homes and schools of children all around the world, and currently enjoy more than a million reads a month.
Storyberries offers both classic and contemporary stories in an easy-to-read format with vibrant illustrations designed to excite children and engage them around reading. It also offers discussion guides designed to encourage caregivers and children the opportunity to explore real-life issues together over stories.
Stories at Storyberries are selected and organized by theme, enabling parents, teachers, caregivers and children to share learnings from literature in addressing common childhood issues such as bullying, empathy, beauty, self confidence, helping, stranger danger and more. In doing so, we hope to harness the power of literature to empower children to understand their own evolving natures and special place in the world.

British Council: The Ugly Duckling

The ideal story to use in class to mark Anti-Bullying this week.
It's beautifully narrated by Melvyn Hayes. You can print it out, plus download the students' worksheet.

This traditional story is about being friends with people who are different from you. Will the ugly duckling find a friend? Watch and find out!


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